Chelsea is eyeing the market in search of a goalkeeper. And according to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, the Blues are preparing an offer to try to get Ter Stegen out of Barcelona. According to the Spanish newspaper’s publication, the Blues’ offer for Ter Stegen is expected to involve a sum of money (not revealed) plus goalkeeper Kepa, which cost 80 million euros in 2018.

Barcelona, however, is not encouraged by the offer of the English and should not accept to negotiate Ter Stegen, who is an absolute titular player and one of the main highlights. In this way, Chelsea would have to greatly increase the offer to be able to sign with the German goalkeeper.

Chelsea’s interest in a new goalkeeper for the next season is due to a request from coach Frank Lampard, as Kepa did not like it, having even lost his place to Caballero at a certain point in the season. It is worth remembering that Chelsea has already signed for next season midfielder Hakim Ziyech, ex-Ajax, and striker Timo Werner, ex-Leipzig. The Blues are also close to an agreement by Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz.