The refurbished Chelsea debuted in the English Premier League with a good win away from home against Brighton, by 3 to 1. Even with their new attack of millionaire reinforcements on the field, it was up to the old players to score the goals.

Germans Timo Werner and Havertz had different firsts. The first suffered a penalty from the goal that opened the scoring, moved more, while the second had a discreet presentation. In addition to the German duo, coach Frank Lampard will soon also have Chlwell, Ziyech, and Brazilian Thiago Silva.

Jorginho was the one who took the zero from the scoreboard with a precise penalty kick. Reece James received in the middle, straightened, and dropped the bomb. The ball was at an angle, indefensible. Zouma scored another to close the account. Chelsea now has the week off to prepare for Sunday’s match against Liverpool in London.