Last Sunday, 26, Chelsea beat Wolverhampton, 2-0, and secured a place in the next Champions League. The Blues did not let the opportunity and escape and managed to qualify for the biggest club competition in Europe.

The season was not the best for the London team, but with the punishment of the financial Fair Play, imposed by UEFA, the team ended up not being able to reinforce itself. Thus, Lampard, in his first season as Chelsea manager, had to bet on the Blues base to make a decent campaign in the Premier League.

The result came and the club managed to make a good campaign in the English Championship. With 65 points conquered, he was in the fourth position and won a lot of praise from the local press due to all the difficulties in relation to signings during the season. In an interview with Sky Sports, Lampard was happy with the classification but stressed that a fourth-place cannot be celebrated. “Qualifying for the Champions League is of great importance to me, but Chelsea cannot celebrate fourth places,” he said.