Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has been one of the bright points of the Premier League campaign so far. He has already made a very positive impression on a number of factors, but his goal scoring feats have especially caught the eye. He is playing under Frank Lampard who is one of the renowned goal scoring midfielders of his time. Lampard is the record goal scorer for the Blues and it is not surprising that Mount has already made him a mentor.

Mount has revealed that he is undergoing extra training sessions with Lampard. The goals scored by the player in the games so far have been excellent finishes and it is a testament to the lessons learnt under Lampard, who finished with 211 goals for the Blues in 648 matches. According to Sky Sports, he said:

“After training we do some finishing sometimes. I’m always speaking to him and trying to learn things every day, mostly after training doing finishing.

“There is no better person to learn from than him.”

Lampard has been able to pick up more than 100 caps for England while Mount is just starting. His recent appearances for England have helped him kickstart an international career that could be as successful as Lampard’s time with the Three Lions.

Meanwhile, Tammy Abraham did not get the opportunity to be part of the Three Lions in the Euro 2020 qualifiers but he has been on fire of late. The 21-year-old might have never received a first-team opportunity at Chelsea if not for Lampard and the transfer ban. He has been able to make the most of the opportunities, as a return of four goals in the last two games have made him the first choice forward – ahead of the more experienced Olivier Giroud.

Abraham regards another Chelsea legend as his idol, as he just revealed that he idolised Didier Drogba when the Ivorian was terrorising opposition defences in two spells at the club. Drogba is regarded as one of the best strikers in Chelsea’s history. After arriving from Marseille in a £24 million deal back in 2004, Drogba quickly established himself as the best African player in the Premier League. It is not a surprise that Abraham looked up to Drogba when growing up. Abraham has been at Chelsea since the under-8 stage.

Drogba had a habit of scoring in the very big matches and this is something that Abraham needs to develop in his game. So far, his goals have come up against teams that have just been promoted from the Championship. In the matches against top teams like Manchester United, Abraham was quite subdued and he still has to improve a lot his goals are to come up against the top teams.

Every Chelsea fans will remember the way Drogba and Lampard combined to devastating effect.

Abraham and Mount are far from the finished products, but they have been able to get some valuable gametime under their belt due to the shift in policy at Chelsea. Gone are the days when Chelsea youngsters had to wait for end-of-season matches or meaningless League Cup encounters in order to get first-team opportunities. Today, it is not the case and there is great hope that these two young stalwarts will become the next Drogba and Lampard pairing at Stamford Bridge.