With a contract with Paris Saint-Germain finalized after the Champions League, Thiago Silva has Chelsea as the most likely destination. The Brazilian has a proposal from the English club, but still evaluates other possibilities in the ball market. The defender plans to make a decision later this week to start the pre-season for the new club.

Chelsea’s offer comes close to the salary conditions the player wants. Negotiation persists, but the London club is not the defender’s only option. Thiago Silva also interests Everton, from England, and Fiorentina, from Italy. A possible move to Fluminense, a Brazilian club, is almost ruled out.

There is still a small possibility for the defender to stay at PSG. as coach Thomas Tuchel asked for the Brazilian’s contract to be renewed. But Thiago Silva will not accept to reduce the salary he received at the club nor an offer of only one year of contract.